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Go-Ride has been established due to the beliefs and passion of the directors for renewable energy and green transport. The European electric bike and scooter market is one of the fastest growing sectors. The freedom to go further and enjoy the outdoors is being embraced by many adults of all ages and fitness levels.

E-bikes and E-scooters are the future of transport whether you are looking for a bike or scooter to;

  • Commute
  • Improve health and fitness
  • Save money
  • Fun
  • Embrace the great transport movement

E-bikes and E-scooters are the natural choice.

Go-Ride will be offering a comprehensive range of products, carefully selected to meet your needs.

Our bikes; the Tempest and Cloudburst have been selected as market research has indicated these two bikes meet expectation of a large demographic. Each model is offered in 2 frame sizes.

The electric bikes are delivered fully assembled, you will only need to attach the pedals, turn and tighten together the handlebars. Once charged you are ready to enjoy your Go-Ride experience.

*It is currently illegal to own & ride (hire is legal) an electric scooter on public roads, pavements and cycle paths. Other than hire scooters, scooters are only intended for the use on private land with the owner’s permission.

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Should you wish to trial any of the bikes/scooters, you are able to book a test and ride session.

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